Framing guide

I am often asked how best to frame my prints, so here are some tips you may find useful. 

Natural wood frames suit my artwork well, but your choice of colour and frame style should reflect your own taste and where you plan to hang the print. Using old or vintage frames can be a great way to make the print more distinctive and give it a unique appearance.

Most frames use a mat board to surround the print, which helps it to stand out by focusing attention towards the centre. Ready-made frames can often do the same, although the shade of white on the mat board is sometimes different from the white on the print. To solve this problem, ask a professional framer to cut a custom mat for you in the same white as the print, or some neutral contrasting colour. A custom mat that fits a frame of your own doesn't have to be expensive and makes a big difference to the overall finish. 

For guaranteed results, you can take your print to a professional framer.

Please get in touch if you have any more questions about framing - I'll be glad to help.